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English B1.1 - Intermediate


06.06.2024 - 06.08.2024

Students in a group



Tuesday, Thursday

Number of lessons

18 lessons of 90 minutes


18:20 - 19:50



7 200 Kč

About the course

The B1 English course focuses on developing language skills for free communication with native speakers on a wide range of topics, including watching films and TV series in the original with subtitles, reading adapted books, and writing emails and general messages. This course is designed for individuals who have already reached the A2 English level (Pre-intermediate / Advanced Beginner) and are looking to further enhance their language skills.

The course is divided into four modules (B1.1 to B1.4) to help students track their progress more easily. Each module consists of 18 lessons, each lasting 90 minutes. The lessons are adapted from the 2023 edition of the SpeakOut B1 textbook published by Pearson. The website displays the cost per module, which includes these 18 lessons. Classes are conducted in-person at our school premises.

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