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English - Teens B1


9.02.2024 - 12.04.2024

Students in a group




Number of lessons

10 lessons of 90 minutes


16:40 - 18:10


4 000 Kč

About the course

In our school, we deeply understand the importance of learning a foreign language during adolescence, and thus, our main priority is to help our students develop the necessary skills for confident communication in the English language. Recognizing the needs of students of this age group, as well as the significant workload of primary education, our experienced teachers make every effort to ensure that language learning happens smoothly and naturally.
This course is designed for adolescents (13-14 years old) who already have a proficiency level of B1 in English and wish to deepen their knowledge while gaining confidence in communicating in a foreign language.
Contact us, and we will assist you in choosing the appropriate course for you and your child.

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